• Taihoku POW Camp #6 (大直戰俘營)

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    Taihoku POW Camp #6

    Taipei Times reported that the dedication ceremony for Taihoku POW Camp #6 was held on the new Ministry of National Defense Headquarters complex in Dazhi (大直) on November 11. The aerial reconnaissance photo above shows the Dazhi area in 1945. Although I do not have any official documents with the information on the coordinates of POW Camp #6, I am quite confident that the compound in the center was the camp.

    As can be seen in the enlarged photo below, the compound was surrounded by walls and the buildings look a lot like barracks to me. Since there were no other places similar to a POW camp in the first photo, the compound must be POW Camp #6.

    Taihoku POW Camp #6

    I overlaid the recon photo on Google Earth and obtained the following image. It shows that the former POW Camp was in fact located at the new ROC Air Force Headquarters site.

    Taihoku POW Camp #6

    You may want to further explore the POW Camp site with the embedded Google Maps below or using the link:


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    • 這裡應該是海軍總部唷

    • 未來這裡是忠勇分案的空軍司令部吧!

    • 忠勇分案博愛分案………
      我錯了 還是您比較專業


    • et29912002: 您別這麼說,我也是從路邊的工程告示牌看來的,這應該跟專業無關吧!

    • 原來有台灣戰俘營的網站

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