• ROCAF F-5A/B Program in CINCPAC History Series (Part 2)

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    The 10 aircraft, as reported in the 1966 CINCPAC History, should be those funded in FY65. The number is consistent with that given by US Military Assistance Program Master File. But I could not find any record of the Feb 1966 accident elsewhere. Anyone?

    The numbers of aircraft planned for FY66 and FY67 MAP had been 30 and 34, respectively, as shown in the 1965 CINCPAC History:

    In 1966, funding reduction and price increase led to the deletion of six aircraft from the FY67 program:

    But I don’t understand why the budget given in 1966 CINCPAC History (see the table below) lists the number of aircraft as 33, instead of 34 as in the 1965 History. Anyway, 33 minus 6 gives 27, which agrees with the FY67 number in US Military Assistance Program Master File. In short, from FY64 to FY67, the numbers given by CINCPAC History and by US Military Assistance Program Master File are consistent.

    The second unit to receive the F-5A/B was the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron. The 1967 CINCPAC History wrote that 8 F-5A were delivered in July 1967 and 9 F-5A and 1 F-5B during Aug and Sept. But the History also said that a total of 48 F-5A and 5 F-5B had been delivered to the ROCAF. The total looks weird because 9 (in 1965) , 10 (in 1966), and 18 (in 1967) do not add up to 53. The 1967 History also mentioned that 3 F-5B had been lost (any info, please?), leaving the total to only 50. Then what has happened to the single F-5A lost in 1966?

    Note in the last paragraph that all F-5A/B had to be deleted from the FY68 and FY69 programs. This is inconsistent with the information in US Military Assistance Program Master File, which says that 5 F-5A were programmed in FY68!


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    • 55年2月24日周鑑寧少校飛F-5A 1201號機失事, 詳細的過程, 飛行員的故事第三輯有介紹

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      For those who do not read Chinese: F-5A 1201 crashed on February 24, 1966, with Major Chou onboard.

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