• ROCAF F-5A/B Program in CINCPAC History Series (Part 1)

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    Almost three years ago, I wrote about ROCAF F-5A/B, based on US Military Assistance Program Master File. The number of acquired aircraft given by the source was inconsistent with the number provided by CAF2000, an expert on ROCAF F-5. So I am going to post the passages about ROCAF F-5A/B I found in the CINCPAC History series. Hopefully we will have a clearer picture of this program.

    The 1964 CINCPAC History has an overview on the PACOM F-5 Aircraft Program. The original objective of program was to equip Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand with 18 F-5 squadrons. The goal was later scaled back to 15 squadrons, including 7 squadrons for ROCAF.

    The 1964 CINCPAC History also lists the number of F-5A/B for Taiwan programmed for FY65 and FY66:

    In 1965, seven F-5A and two F-5B (funded in FY64) were delivered, as given by the 1965 CINCPAC History (text below). The numbers were consistent with those given by US Military Assistance Program Master File.

    (To be continued.)

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