• Early Photos of ROCAF P2V-7U (我國空軍P2V-7U早期的照片)

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    P2V-7U in Hsinchu on Dec 17, 1957

    The above photo, taken on December 17, 1957, should be one of the very first photos of the P2V-7U (a.k.a. RB-69A) operated by ROCAF.  The photo, despite the poor quality due to photocopying, shows that the aircraft still retained their USAF markings, indicating that it was probably taken shortly after the two P2V had arrived in Hsinchu.  This photo also confirms the description by Wings of China, Vol. 3 (p. 202) that “P2V had removed all their markings and identification before they had arrived in Taiwan” was wrong.


    In the post “Photos of Hsinchu AFB in 1957-1958”, I have shown an aerial photo of the 34th Squadron’s operating area.  That photo was taken on the same day as the above one and shows that two P2V were parked on the new completely paved hardstand.  I am confident that the new construction described in that post had been done specifically for the P2V.

    我在稍早寫成的”Photos of Hsinchu AFB in 1957-1958″這一則短文中,已經刊出一張34中隊在新竹基地的活動區域的空拍照片,那張照片跟上面這一張攝於同一天,而且顯示了有兩架P2V停在新完成的機坪上。個人認為那篇短文中所提到新建設施都是為了迎接P2V的來到而進行的。

    P2V-7U in Hsinchu on Dec 17, 1957

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