• Reconnaissance Aircraft Received from US (我國經由美援獲得的偵察機)

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    The following is a listing of the numbers of reconnaissance aircraft Taiwan received from the US since 1950, compiled from the Military Assistance Program System Master File. Although many aviation researchers/historians here may have known the exact numbers, I give the numbers here anyway because they come from an official source.  Note that reconnaissance aircraft received via the CIA are not included.


    FY 會計年度 Type 型式 Quantity 數量 Total cost 總價
    prior to 1963 RB-57A 2 $2,730,000
    prior to 1963 RB-57D 2 $4,434,000
    prior to 1963 RF-84F 25 $14,275,000
    prior to 1963 RF-86F 7 $1,393,000
    prior to 1963 RT-33A 9 $1,153,000
    prior to 1963 RF-100A 4 $3,225,000
    1965 RF-101A 2 $3,209,926
    prior to 1963 RF-101A 6 $6,416,000
    prior to 1963 RF-104G 8 $11,173,212

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    • I will post here in this section as it deals with Reconnaissance Aircraft recieved from the USA. I am looking for an RB-57A (s/n 52-1455) that after doing some research through the Air Force Historical group at Maxwell AFB in Alabama, USA…I was informed that this particular A/C might have been sent to Taiwan. I note that Taiwan recieved 2 RB-57A’s pior to 1963 but this particular A/C was in the USA inventory untill 1972.

      Anyone know the where about’s of this particular aircraft, if it indeed, it did go to Taiwan? Thank You.

    • According to the article “RB-57A and RB-57D in Republic of China Air Force Service” by Wai Yip, the RB-57A-1 operated by ROCAF are 52-1427 (5641) and 52-1431 (5642). The particular aircraft you asked about was not one of them. May I ask where your information source is?

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