• The Credit Belongs to Gimo Yang(為楊世駒先生說句公道話)

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    In his memoir Piercing the Bamboo Curtain from the Sky, Col. LU, Shi-Liang stated that CHEN, Huai, detected that several Tu-16 bombers were stationed at Shuan-Cheng-Tzu Missile Test Range and Wu-Kung Airfield during his historical first U-2 mission on January 13, 1962.  Probably referring to LU’s memoir, Professor Shi (習賢德) also mentioned in his Apocalypse: Reunification vs. Independence (統獨啟示錄) that CHEN found several Soviet-made Tu-16 were stationed at Wu-Kung.  In fact, it is almost certain that CHEN did not photograph Wu-Kung Airfield during his first mission, since neither Immediate Photographic Interpretation Report nor Mission Coverage Index for GRC-100 mentioned Wu-Kung.  It is also worth noting that, although China received two Tu-16 from the Soviet Union in 1959, its production of H-6 did not start until 1969.  So how could CHEN find “several” Tu-16 (or H-6) in 1962?

    盧錫良先生在中國之翼出版的回憶錄「高空間諜」中,描述陳懷在1962年1月13日的第一次U-2偵察任務中,「目視發現雙城子飛彈試驗場及武功機場駐有Tu-16型轟炸機多架」。習賢德教授在寫「統獨啟示錄」時大概是引用了「高空間諜」,也提到了陳懷「發現武功駐有多架俄製Tu-16型轟炸機」。其實陳懷的第一次任務非常可能根本沒有拍到武功機場,因為那次任務的Immediate Photographic Interpretation Report和Mission Coverage Index中都沒有提到武功機場。另外一個問題是,中共在1959年從蘇聯接收兩架Tu-16後,因為技術問題,一直到十年後才開始量產仿製的轟六,怎麼可能在1962年就有多架Tu-16(或轟六)呢?

    The U-2 pilot who first photographed the Tu-16 was in fact Gimo Yang (YANG, Shih-Chu).  The summary in the Mission Coverage Index for GRC-102 flown on February 23 specifically pointed out this important discovery.  (See the document below.  The date is off by one day because of time difference.)  The two Badgers are most likely the original two provided by the Soviet in 1959.

    真正第一個發現Tu-16的,應該是楊世駒在2月23日執行的GRC-102任務,這次任務的Mission Coverage Index一開始就特別指出這個重要的發現(如下圖。因為時差,所以日期差了一天)。這兩架Tu-16極有可能就是蘇聯最初提供的兩架「原版」機。

    Gimo Yang deserves the credit, although it is forty years late.


    GRC-102 mission summary


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    • Let’s not forget that Gimo also shares credit with a wingman for running two MiG-17’s out of fuel chasing their RF-84F’s.

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