• Striking Jitsugetsu! 日月潭大轟炸! Part 1

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    The West Australian, Tuesday, March 27, 1945, page 6. Source:Trove

    In Formosa Interim Report, prepared by the Air Staff, Intelligence, in February 1944, the U.S. military had identified the following three hydro-electric facilities in the Jitsugetsu Tan (currently Sun Moon Lake [日月潭]) area as the targets for strategic air strike:
    美軍在1944年4月完成的一份情報資料中,列舉了日月潭地區的三座水力發電設施,作為戰略轟炸的目標。這三個目標分別是(如下圖):181. 水社堰堤,82. 日月潭第一發電所(門牌潭),83. 日月潭第二發電所(水裡坑)。

    Source: AFHRA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國空軍歷史研究部徵集成果」 (Formosa Interim Report)

    This report included a map with the locations of these three targets clearly marked (see below).

    Source: AFHRA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國空軍歷史研究部徵集成果」 (Formosa Interim Report)

    The following Google Maps view covers the same area with the three targets marked.
    以下的Google Maps衛星影像涵蓋了上圖的相同區域,上述的三座水力發電設施位置各由同心圓的圖示標示。


    On March 13, 1945, the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) launched an attack on these targets. According to The History of the 321st Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bombardment Group, “six B-24s of this squadron participated in a group strike in an attempt to knock out power plant No. 1 at Jitsugetsu Lake, Formosa. 48 x 1000 pound bombs were dropped, but heavy cloud cover prevented synchronization on the target and the bombs fell along the shore on the north side of the lake with no damage seen.”

    Ten days later, USAAF bombers launched another strike on Jitsugetsu hydro-electric facilities. The attack was recorded on photographs, which were made available by the Academia Sinica. One of the photos shows the B-24 bombers participating in the bombing raid:

    Source:NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」 (G03489)

    The following photograph captured the serial number of a B-24 in the attack. As per the website Red Raiders, Consolidated B-24M s/n 44-41851 was assigned to the 19th Bombardment Squadron, 22nd Bombardment Group, based on Luzon at the time of the strike.
    以下照片拍到了其中一架B-24的序號。根據Red Raiders這個網站,序號44-41851的B-24M隸屬於第22轟炸大隊第19轟炸中隊,這個單位在攻擊行動前不久才移防到菲律賓的呂宋島。

    Source:NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」 (G03489)

    (To be continued. 未完待續。)

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