• P2V-7U的第一次任務(First Mission by ROCAF P2V-7U)

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    White circles indicate drop zones. Click to download kmz file for Google Earth.

    以下中文文字摘錄自【P2V-7U訓練作戰綜合要報及其首次任務航線圖與作戰半徑】(<空軍報告與建議 (四)>,《蔣中正總統文物》,國史館藏,典藏號:002-080102-00096-006,入藏登錄號:002000001097A)


    四十五年九月開始與美方磋商, 經將近一年之籌畫, 始於四十六年八月決定選派飛行官領航官機工長各四員赴美接受P2V-7U機訓練. 同年十月九日離台, 十一月底完成訓練. 全體人員於十二月三日返台.(略)於四十七年三月中旬完成戰備訓練, 準備作戰.
    Negotiations with the CIA were initiated in September 1956. After planning for almost a year, it was decided in August 1957 to send four pilots, four navigators, and four crew chiefs to the United States for training on the P2V-7U. They departed on October 9 of the same year. The training was completed at the end of November and all of them returned to Taiwan on December 3. (snipped) In mid March 1958, the unit was operation-ready.


    三月廿日17:40 P2V-7U 5005自新竹基地起飛, 執行首次任務, 經過地區計瓊桂粵等三省, 任務目的為對該地區匪各型雷達部署作一般性之偵測. 計獲信號四十八組, 並對大路市等十二個目標空投心戰品二零四二磅. 沿途多為密裂雲天氣, 未遭遇任何情況. 全程二一六零浬, 總飛行時間12:55小時. 卒由機長趙欽中校及全體機員密切合作以及配合熟練之技術員滿達成任務, 於三月廿一日06:35降落新竹基地.
    On the first mission, P2V 5005, piloted by LtCol Chao Chin, took off from Hsinchu AFB at 1740 hours on March 20, 1958. The target areas were located in Hainan, Guangxi, and Guangdong Provinces. The mission was to collect ELINT on ChiCom radars and to drop psychological warfare materials in twelve locations. Forty-eight sets of radar signals were recorded and 2042 pounds of materials were dropped. After flying 2160 NM in 12 hours and 55 minutes, the aircraft landed at Hsinchu AFB at 0635 hours the next day.

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