• Airstrip in Hukou (湖口)?

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    This image from Google Maps shows the troop review ground at the base of ROC Army 542nd Armored Brigade in Hukou Township (湖口鄉), Hsinchu County. I am not sure about the time when the concrete drill ground was built. Forty years ago this place was mostly dirt as shown in the 1966 CORONA satellite image below. But there appeared to be a paved airstrip in the middle (indicated by the blue arrow).

    In the 1969 image below, the suspected airstrip appeared to have been widened, suggesting that it might be active at the time. There is also what might be an apron next to the middle section.

    Anybody has more information? Was it from the Japanese colonial era?


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    • This airfield shows up as Koko Airfield in the Chinese book about the Japanese Airbases/ Airfields. I can remember in the 1970’s there was a ROC Army Base there, but never had the opportunity to visit it. From the way it looks today in Goggle Earth just to the south is a Tank training range.

    • edward chuang

      There was indeed an army airbase at Hukou. The runway was 1400x60M.

    • 請問一下CORONA satellite image是您花錢買的嗎?還是去哪可以取得?

    • 美國的USGS有售,中央研究院則有部分提供使用。

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