June 23, 2024

About This Blog

Project TACKLE stands as a testament to the secret partnership between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) during the years 1960 to 1974. This collaborative effort involved ROCAF pilots piloting the U-2 high-altitude spy plane on daring reconnaissance missions into the heartlands of China, North Vietnam and North Korea, obscured behind the Iron Curtain. Despite the success of the project, it came at a high cost, with ten pilots losing their lives and two being captured by the Chinese.

This blog provides an immersive exploration of Project TACKLE, drawing upon previously classified documents from the CIA and Taiwan’s Academia Historica. The author paints a vivid and comprehensive picture of the intricate geopolitical landscape that shaped the collaboration. The narratives go beyond the missions themselves, delving into the complexities of intelligence cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. It uncovers the delicate balance between operational secrecy and diplomatic sensitivities, illuminating the intricate dance of international politics and intelligence sharing during the height of the Cold War.

Furthermore, this blog offers a broader context by examining simultaneous intelligence projects and collaborations between the US and Taiwan. It unravels the interconnected relationships, shared resources, and the exchange of information that played pivotal roles in shaping regional intelligence networks and enhancing the strategic capabilities of both nations.