May 21, 2024

My Books

The Untold Stories of Unmanned Aircraft (2002; in Chinese)

This is my first book, written just months after the United States’ Predator UAV launched missiles in combat for the first time during Operation Enduring Freedom, and exactly twenty years before the extensive employment of UAV in the Russia-Ukraine war. I was honored to have General I Fu-En, the key ROCAF figure behind Project TACKLE, and General Hsichun Mike Hua, one of the first ROCAF U-2 pilots, to contribute their forewords to my book.

Project RAZOR (2012; in Chinese)

Project RAZOR (快刀計畫) is the code name adopted by the GRC for Project TACKLE. This book extensively references declassified CIA documents from the United States and archives from Taiwan’s Academia Historica, revealing the untold secrets of this highly classified project from the perspective of high-level officials from both governments.

Formosa Air Raid Chronology (2015; in Chinese)

This book chronicles the air raids conducted by the Allied forces during the Pacific War on Taiwan and the Pescadores Islands, which were under Japanese occupation. Drawing from documents contemporaneous with the air raids, the book provides a comprehensive day-by-day account of each mission, capturing the intricate details, as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.