• [UPDATED] 公館飛行場裡的防空塔
    Pillboxes on Kokan Airdrome (Now CCK)

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    網友Michael Carl在我上一篇文章留言,敘述他在1970年代駐防清泉崗基地期間,進到基地上一座日軍防空塔內部探險的親身經歷,讓我想說基地裡是否還有其它的防空塔,於是開始在Google Earth上尋找。其實還滿容易就找到另外一座,因為它就位在Michael探險的那座不遠處。上面這張2003年11月24日拍攝的衛星照片中(點擊可放大),標示1號的是Michael提到的防空塔,2號是我自己找到的另一座,由於它的影子又長又寬,顯然體積比1號防空塔更龐大。3號物體的高度跟1號差不多,但因為頂部沒有圓洞,所以初步判別不是防空塔。
    Prompted by Michael Carl’s comment in my last post regarding his personal experience of exploring a pillbox on CCK Air Base in the 1970s, I started to look for other pillboxes on the base by checking satellite images on Google Earth. It was not too difficult to find another one, because they was not far apart. The pillbox that Carl personally explored is #1 in the above satellite image (click to enlarge), taken on November 25, 2003. The one I just found is #2, which is judged to be much bigger and taller than #1 since its shadow is wider and longer. There is an object, #3, which appears to be as tall as #1 but does not have a cavity on its top. So it might not be a pillbox at all.

    On the satellite image below (click to enlarge), taken on July 8, 2011, both #1 and #2 are still there but #3 is gone. The military must have torn it down.

    Source: Google

    CCK Air Base is largely built on the site of former Kokan (Kungkuan) Airdrome. But the airdrome was first called, confusingly enought, Taichu (Taichung) Airdrome. I don’t know when the Japanese renamed it. Anyway, the three objects mentioned can be seen in the reconnaissance photo of Kokan below, taken on July 11, 1945, confirming that all three are dated back to WWII. In other words, Taiwan military mostly likely has destroyed a historic relic (not their first time, if they did).

    Source: NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」

    The next is a post-war photo taken on October 21, 1959:

    Source: NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」

    I have been to CCK several times for the Air Force open house. So I may have photographed one of these pillboxes “by accident”. After I search my photo archive, it is confirmed that I photoed them all when attending the 2006 open house. In the next image, pillbox #1 is on the right-hand side and #3, which turns out to be a water tower, is on the left. (This is because I took the photo from the north east.)

    Then I found out that actually I photoed the water tower back in 1999:

    I believe many people attending the open house would have seen the pillbox #2 already, since it is tall and big. The photo below was taken (on a film) in 1999.

    [2013/01/01 Update]:
    The next photo shows the interior of pillbox #2:

    我會利用時間把之前在Google Maps上公布的防空塔位置也做更新。 另有網友指出,除了上述兩座防空塔,目前清泉崗基地事實上還有第三座,並且提供了座標。以下2002年的衛星照片顯示了這座新發現的防空塔頂部的圓孔,它的影子也反映了它的高度。
    I will update my list of pillboxes on Google Maps accordingly. An anonymous source told me that there is still another pillbox on CCK AB and provided its coordinate. The hollow on the top and the long shadow in the following 2002 satellite image reveal it is a pillbox.

    Source: Google

    The following May 22, 2012, satellite image confirms it is still on the base. Since this pillbox is very close to the new terminal of Taichung Airport, passengers may be able to see it when they fly to/from this airport.

    Source: Google

    All three pillboxes are shown in the following Google Maps, with the last found one marked as O.

    在較大的地圖上查看中台灣防空塔 Pillboxes in central Taiwan


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