• Heito POW Camp (屏東戰俘營)

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    Heito POW Camp

    In the above photo, taken on January 31, 1945, the white arrow points to the suspected Heito (Japanese pronunciation of Pingtung) POW Camp site. The straight line, running from left to right just below the camp site, was a railway line at that time.

    The next photo was taken on June 18, 1945. There seemed to be a wall surrounding the camp. According to the Never Forgotten website, American warplanes bombed the camp on February 7, 1945, killing several POWs. But it is difficult to tell the degree of damage sustained by the camp from this picture.

    Heito POW Camp

    In the February 12, 2005, Google Earth image below, the creek by the camp site is still visible; so are some of the “grids” to the south of it. Does anyone know what the grids were for back in the 1940s?

    Heito POW Camp

    Link to the camp site on Google Maps is here


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