• Satellite Imagery of Toukeshan Army Air Base (頭嵙山陸航基地衛星照片)

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    Approximately 4.8 km (3 miles) to the south of Hsinshe Army Air Base is Toukeshan Base. It serves as a detachment for the 602nd Aviation Brigade in Hsinshe. Unlike Hsinshe and several other army air bases, which are based on the old airfields built by the Japanese before 1945, Toukeshan is relatively new. In the following 1969 CORONA satellite image, there was nothing but a narrow road (indicated by the green arrow) at its current location.

    A Google search reveals that the 602nd Aviation Brigade (designated the 2nd Aviation Group at that time) relocated from Lungkang Army Air Base to Hsinshe and Toukeshan in August 1976. So it can be concluded that the base was built between 1969 and 1976. But no further information could be found.

    Although Google Earth has not yet made available high-resolution imagery of this area as of today, TerraServer provides the watermarked imagery with 0.6-meter resolution. I used photo processing software to stitch together several TerraServer images and got the image below, which reveals the runway orientation (02/20) and even several helicopters.

    Nonetheless, Google Street View has photos of the gate to the base, one of which is shown below. If you want to explore it on Google Earth, the kmz file is here.


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