• Satellite Imagery of Hsinshe Army Air Base (新社陸航基地衛星照片)

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    The above Google satellite image shows the base of ROC Army 602nd Aviation Brigade in Hsinshe Township, Taichung County. As of the writing, the high-resolution image is not yet available on Google Maps, while TerraServer provides an image with 0.6-meter resolution (with watermarks, though).

    When the CORONA satellites took the images below, in 1966 and in 1969, respectively, this former Japanese air base appeared to be abandoned. The two images show little difference. But more than a dozens of aircraft revetments could be seen to the west of the runway in both images. They are indicated by the arrows in the 1969 image.

    1966 CORONA satellite image

    1969 CORONA satellite image

    The remains of three revetments, marked by red arrows in the 1969 image, can still be found today, as shown in the TerraServer image below.


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    • I visited the Hsinshe base some where between 1970 and Dec 1974. At that time the airfield was abandon and there were two broken PT-17 stearman aircrafts at the field. Do not remember if the building part of the base was still there or the ROCA had taken over those buildings.

    • Gene, many thanks for your information!

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