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U-2 Operations: Aircraft Assigned

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ROCAF first received two U-2 in July 1960. Another two were received on December 20, 1962. The following U-2 have been assigned to ROCAF. It is only a partial list, however.

Type Article No. USAF Serial Remarks
U-2F 342 56-6675 Converted into U-2C in 1959 and then U-2F by 1965. Replaced 359 at the end of December 1964, and returned to the US when 359 returend to Taoyuan in late spring of 1965.
U-2G 348 56-6681 Ferried to Taoyuan around June, 1964, and flown by Lockheed pilot, Bob Schumacher, as well as the Chinese and CIA pilots on hand in a test program to cure a flameout problem that had developed after a new fuel control had been installed in all the aircraft a few months earlier. The solution was new climb schedule with engine exhaust gas temperature (EGT) adjusted per outside air temp. 348 was not used on any operations during this trip and was returned to the US after a few weeks. The N801X tail number was probably kept on it the whole time it was at Taoyuan.
U-2C 351 56-6684 Converted into U-2C by July 1959. Should be one of the first two U-2 delivered to Taiwan in July 1960. Lost on March 19, 1961. See Losses for details.
U-2A 352 56-6685 Converted into U-2C by September 1959. Lost on October 22, 1965. See Losses for details.
U-2C 355 56-6688 Lost on November 1, 1963. See Losses for details.
U-2F 356 56-6689 Lost on March 22, 1964. See Losses for details.
U-2C 358 56-6691 Lost on January 10, 1965. See Losses for details.
U-2F 359 56-6692 It stayed at Taoyuan for most of 1964. After spending the early part of 1965 at the factory getting the dorsal canoe modification, it returned to Taoyuan in May/June, 1965 and stayed there through at least December, 1965.
U-2G 362 56-6695 A U-2G with tailhook removed. Lost on July 7, 1964. See Losses for details.
U-2F 372 56-6705 Arrived at Taoyuan toward the end of November, 1965. The four aircraft at Taoyuan on Dec 3, 1965 were: 359, 383, 384, 372. First aircraft at Taoyuan in "Black Velvet" finish while earlier planes were "midnight" blue. Lost on February 17, 1966. See Losses for details.
U-2A 373 56-6706 Lost on September 8, 1967. See Losses for details.
U-2C 378 56-6711 Was the aircraft with a fake NASA marking on display at Edwards AFB after Powers' shoot-down. Lost on September 9, 1962. See Losses for details.
U-2C 383 56-6716 Ferried directly to Takhli, Thailand in August or September, 1965, and based at Takhli till the beginning of December, 1965, when it was flown to Taoyuan.
U-2C 384 56-6717 Arrived at Taoyuan in June or July, 1965. Lost on June 21, 1966. See Losses for details.
U-2G 385 56-6718 Stayed at Taoyuan from about February, 1965 till May of the same year. Shortage of "straight" C models was reason for a G model being used at Taoyuan. The tailhook was removed before it was ferried out.
U-2A 395 56-6955  
U-2R 051 68-10329  
U-2R 053 68-10331  
U-2R 057 68-10335 Lost on November 24, 1970. See Losses for details.

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