• GRC-126

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    陳懷在1962年9月9日被擊落的前一天,楊世駒執行了一次代號為GRC-126的偵照任務。關於這次任務的描述,目前可以公開查到的,不外是來自過去兩岸出版的書籍和文章,所以都有一些共同的錯誤。前幾天在一個部落格上看到轉載一篇紀念陳懷的文章,其中也提到了GRC-126這次任務,還是有一樣的錯。既然美國方面已經把這次任務的檔案解密,我想在此說明清楚,以免日後積非成是。以下引用的部分是該部落格上的文字。 Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Credit Belongs to Gimo Yang(為楊世駒先生說句公道話)

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    In his memoir Piercing the Bamboo Curtain from the Sky, Col. LU, Shi-Liang stated that CHEN, Huai, detected that several Tu-16 bombers were stationed at Shuan-Cheng-Tzu Missile Test Range and Wu-Kung Airfield during his historical first U-2 mission on January 13, 1962.  Probably referring to LU’s memoir, Professor Shi (習賢德) also mentioned in his Apocalypse: Reunification vs. Independence (統獨啟示錄) that CHEN found several Soviet-made Tu-16 were stationed at Wu-Kung.  In fact, it is almost certain that CHEN did not photograph Wu-Kung Airfield during his first mission, since neither Immediate Photographic Interpretation Report nor Mission Coverage Index for GRC-100 mentioned Wu-Kung.  It is also worth noting that, although China received two Tu-16 from the Soviet Union in 1959, its production of H-6 did not start until 1969.  So how could CHEN find “several” Tu-16 (or H-6) in 1962?

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  • 「飛鳴鏑」釋疑(二)

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