• U-2 Pilot Training (Part 2)

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    This is the welcome letter sent to Denny and David by the Commander of Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Provisional) – 4 (aka Detachment H) at Edwards AFB before they began the U-2 training course. The censored words following “great importance to” are “the Republic of China”. All ROCAF pilots subsequently trained at Edwards received letters with similar wordings. 在開始正式的U-2訓練之前,愛德華空軍基地的第4氣象偵察中隊隊長寄了上面這封歡迎函給黃七賢和李伯偉,在”great importance to”後面被塗黑的幾個字其實就是”the Republic of China”。後來在愛德華空軍基地受訓的我國飛行員,也都曾收到內容大同小異的信。

    The schedule of the training program is as follows. You want compare it with the syllabus used in the early 1970s. 黃七賢和李伯偉所接受的U-2訓練時程如下表,您也可以跟1970年代受訓學員的課程比較一下。

    The schedule was later modified. 在正式開始前,訓練時程又稍有調整:

    A senior U-2 pilot would normally accompany the trainees during the U-2 training. It is mostly likely that Terry Liu went to the US to provide assistance as shown in the following cable. Note that none of the names were censored. 在進行U-2訓練時,通常35中隊會派出一位資深飛行員到美國協助受訓飛行員,從下面這份文件來看,應該是由劉宅崇負責帶這兩位學弟。

    Denny and David received praise for their enthusiasm in the pressure suit training. Note in the second paragraph the words “The opposite situation existed during the training of …… last year,” referring to Tom Hwang and Eddie Chou. 在9月初進行的高空壓力衣訓練中,黃七賢和李伯偉所展現的積極態度讓美方的教官頗有好評。但是這位美國人對於前一年的兩位學員似乎就沒什麼好感,所以在下面這份文件中還記上一筆:「去年的情況恰恰相反」,這兩位學員分別是黃榮北和鄒燕錦

    Denny and David’s U-2 flight training had been scheduled to complete at the end of November. But it was later extended until early December. “The single acft capability” mentioned in the following document was likely the consequence of the shoot-down of Article 373 on September 8. “Subsequent ferry of second acft” was not completed until Article 385 was ferried in late January 1968. Note that they had a short trip to New York and Washington at the completion, possibly for R&R. 原訂11月底完成的U-2飛行訓練,後來展延到12月初才結束。這兩位新任U-2飛行員之後還去了一趟紐約和華盛頓,應該是放結訓假吧!

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