• U-2 Pilot Training (Part 1)

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    In early 1967, Denny Hwang and David Lee were selected to become the next batch of U-2 pilots. I will use their case to illustrate the process each nominee must go through before being qualified as a U-2 pilot. 黃七賢和李伯偉在1967年獲選為下一批接受U-2訓練的飛行員,有關他們訓練過程的文件恰好大半都已解密,正好可以讓我們了解這些飛行員從遴選到成為正式U-2飛行員的歷程。

    The process began with the nomination. In Hwang and Lee’s case, the nomination took place in January 1967. But before the candidates were identified, a tentative schedule had been drawn up, which consisted of the pre-training phase and U-2 training phase. (Note that in the following document, the words “35th Sqdn” had not been sanitized before it was released.)空軍從1967年1月開始內部的遴選作業,儘管人選還沒確定,美方已經把訓練時程排了出來。被選上的飛行員在接受U-2相關的地面、飛行訓練之前,必須先經歷體檢、量製壓力衣、語言訓練等過程。 (注意下面文件中,代表35中隊的”35th Sqdn”的兩個字並沒有被塗黑。)

    Although ROCAF proposed Denny and David as the candidates in February, the ROC and US governments were negotiating the extension of Project TACKLE at the time and so the nomination was still pending. 空軍在2月就已經確定黃七賢和李伯偉這兩位人選,然而當時我國正在跟美國協調續簽快刀計畫的協定,所以正式的提名作業要等到協調過程完畢後才進行。

    Denny and David arrived at Edwards AFB, CA, in late April. They were immediately arranged for various examinations and interviews. The pressure suit fitting was to be undertaken at David Clark Company, Worcester, MA. 黃七賢和李伯偉在當年4月下旬抵達加州的愛德華空軍基地,隨即馬不停蹄的接收各項檢查和面談,之後到麻州的David Clark公司去量製U-2專用的壓力衣。

    From May through July, Denny and David were enrolled in language training in Los Angeles. 從5月到7月,黃七賢和李伯偉在洛杉磯接受為期兩個月的語言訓練。

    The language training was completed in July. Only then was the core U-2 pilot training about to begin. 黃七賢和李伯偉在7月中完成語言訓練課程,接下來才是真正的U-2飛行員訓練。 (待續)

    To be continued.

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