• 2010 Aviation Open House Schedule (Updated: 2010/06/13)

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    (Dates subject to change without notice.)


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    • Here’s the complete ROC military open house(most ROC Army) schedule for 2010/Republic Year 99:

      99/02/14(日)金門烈嶼地區指揮部 Kinman area HQ
      99/03/20(六)高雄仁美營區 Kaoshung
      99/03/27(六)台中竹坑營區* Tai Chung
      99/05月中旬 澎湖海軍馬公基地 Peng Hu Makung naval base
      99/06/05(六)台中清泉崗空軍基地* CCK AB
      99/06/12(六)桃園龍潭營區 Tao Yuan Lung Tang
      99/06/12(六)高雄新濱碼頭 Kaoshung naval pier
      99/06/26(六)花蓮空軍基地* Haulien AB
      99/10/03(六)馬祖梅石營區 Matsu
      99/10/09(六)台東太平營區 Taitung
      99/10/23(六)宜蘭蘇澳軍港 I-lan SuOu naval base
      99/10/23(六)澎湖菜園營區 Penghu
      99/11/13(六)台中龍翔營區 Taichu
      99/11/20(六)新竹空軍基地 Chinchu AB
      99/11/20(六)屏東加祿堂營區 Pingtung

      *以上年度活動時程僅供參考,亦可於上班時間電詢 02-23314042 02-23314042 呂先生。Call Mr. Lu during business hours at the 2 numbers to confirm open base time

    • I am planning the ROCAF Airshow visit.
      Isn’t the problem in taking a picture of the military aircraft in the air show?
      Isn’t the problem in taking a picture from the outside of the airport on weekdays?

    • Administrator

      No problem with taking pictures at the air show. Taking pictures outside the airport is generally ok. But if a soldier or a policeman asks you to leave, just follow his instruction and you will be out of trouble.

    • Thank you for your Comment !
      I think that I go to CCK AFB or Hualien AFB next month.

      Isn’t the problem in what listens to the air band in Taiwan ?

    • Administrator

      If you come to Taiwan, please let me know. Maybe we can meet each other.

      I am not sure about the radios.

    • Officially it is not allowed to listen to air band. But a lot of people overhere have scanners and they listen to aircraft communication. Just make sure the police or the military do not see you listening.

    • Thank you Reinier!I take care.

      Administrator, I’m going to CCK this week end.

    • Here’s all civilian airport/air control freq list: [url]http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%E9%A3%9B%E8%88%AA%E6%83%85%E5%A0%B1%E5%8D%80%E7%84%A1%E7%B7%9A%E9%9B%BB%E9%A0%BB%E7%8E%87%E8%88%87%E5%91%BC%E8%99%9F[/url]

      Don’t have military one….

    • Dear Mr. Chang,

      I’d like to request permission for using some of the photos on your website. Please kindly email me so I can contact you for further details. Many thanks.


      K Chen

    • Hi, I´m traveing from germany and like to visit one of the open house`s (probably Hsinchu). unfortunatelly i didn´t found any “official” website with more information (due to travel expensis and -time i want to get sure the event will happen 😉 and is it possibel to travel by public transport.

      thanks for your help


    • Hello Bernd

      There is no other official site than the site of the Ministry of National Defence (in Chinese, link is on this site). But in November the weather should not be a factor and there is no reason why they should cancel the show. Just check back on this site and you can always ask the friendly people overhere. I think it is possible to get there by public transport. I guess you will be coming from Taipei so you just have to take the train to Hsinchu. And the taxis overhere are very cheap compared to Europe.


    • Wei-Bin, you might have a business op here. Pool those want to visit airshows, set up a date, time and place to meet up with a car, charge those going for the fuel cost, and you just need to make sure everyone has the right documents with them. And all is set…..

      For airshows, there’s always chance to be canceled due to weather conditions and other reasons. Therefore, Taiwan/ROC Ministry of Defense usually post the correct last minute info 2-3 days beforehand.

    • The official open house website is at http://in-depthtour.mnd.gov.tw/index.aspx

    • Chinchu AB Open base now changed to 12/11.


       國防部表示,活動當天靜態部分將陳展M-2000 EI、M-2000 DI、IDF-1A、F-16A、S-70C、C-130、T-34教練機、AT-3、B-1900、S-2T及M-2000-5戰機支援裝備、天兵雷達、麻雀飛射架、35快砲、車載劍一飛彈車等多項裝備;動態部分則安排 M-2000戰機空中分列式、空軍樂儀隊、雷虎小組及F-16戰機編隊衝場等操演,歡迎民眾前往共同見證我空軍健兒的堅實戰力。

    • 國軍100年全民國防知性之旅-營區開放活動時程


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