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    It is no secret that Chinese built a replica of Taiwan’s Ching Chuan Kang AFB to the southeast of Dingxin AB in central China. Dingxin AB, now commonly used for flight test purposes by the Chinese military, in fact has been known to Taiwanese intelligence community for half a century. On the first U-2 overflight mission by the 35th Sq., Major Chen covered an airfiled in Shuang Cheng Tzu area. That unnamed airfield is what we know as Dingxin AB now.

    I found several “markers” on the CCK AFB replica site. These markers, indicated by letters A through H in the next two pictures, are probably the targets used for precision strike drills.

    Satellite image taken on Oct 22, 2005.

    Satellite image taken on Nov 17, 2006. Note the two new disk-shaped markers at point G.

    Close inspection of Google Earth images shows bomb craters at or near these targets:

    Image of point A dated Oct 22, 2005.

    Image of point A dated Sept 9, 2006, shows some new craters in the disk. A bomb obviously missed the target (top).

    Image of point A dated Nov 17, 2006, reveals still more new bomb craters.

    Image of point A dated Mar 18, 2007. It seems that in the past five months, this target had not been bombed.

    Image of point B dated Oct 22, 2005, shows a large concrete building.

    Image of point B dated Sept 9, 2006, shows that this building had been bombed twice.

    Image of point B dated Nov 17, 2006. Nothing has changed since last bombing.

    Image of point B dated Mar 18, 2007. Nothing has changed..


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    • Don’t know what point A and B is, which is west of AIDC.
      Point G is Skyguard SAM site, and golf course. Point F is the old fuel tank storage sites, already taken down.
      Point H is nothing there, but the 6 positions might representing either AAA battery or I-HAWK battery….

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