• U-2計畫大老闆畢斯爾的賀電
    Congratulations from Richard Bissell

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    Source: CIA

    黑貓中隊的陳懷成功完成1962年1月13日的GRC-100偵察任務後,美國中央情報局(CIA)主管U-2計畫的大老闆畢斯爾(Richard M. Bissell, Jr.)致電祝賀(如上圖)。電文的受文單位與受文者在中情局的解密過程中都已被塗消,不過從內文來看,這份文件很可能是發給駐在桃園基地的Detachment H指揮官,也是俗稱的「經理」。
    After Lt. Col. Chen of the 35th Squadron successfully carried out GRC-100 mission over China on January 13, 1962, CIA U-2 program’s top man, Richard M. Bissell, Jr., sent the above document to congratulate on the success. The addressee(s) of the document have not been declassified. But the context and wording imply that it was sent to the commander of Detachment H in Taoyuan.

    畢斯爾在同一天發了另一份電文祝賀GRC-100任務成功(如下圖)。由內容來判斷,受文者極可能是當時中情局的台北站長--美國海軍輔助通信中心(NACC)的克萊恩(Ray S. Cline)。畢斯爾在第二段要他代為致謝的對象,應該就是蔣介石或(與)蔣經國。
    Richard Bissell sent the document below on the same day. It was mostly likely addressed to Ray S. Cline, the head of CIA’s Taipei Station, NACC. In paragraph 2, Bissell probably asked Cline to thank Chiang Kai-Shek and/or Chiang Ching-Kuo for their cooperation.

    Source: CIA


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