• Photo of ROCAF RF-101A 5654

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    RF-101A 5654

    This photo of ROCAF RF-101A 5654 (54-1499) was taken around the end of 1964 by Joseph Donoghue.  It had just landed as evidenced by the open drag chute compartment.

    This is how it looks like now:

    RF-101A 5654 now


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    • 5654不就是謝翔鶴遭擊落的座機嗎?


    • 保存在桃園空軍基地的RF-101A是5654,謝翔鶴遭擊落的座機是5651,版主寫的 ROCAF Combat Losses Since 1950 裏面資料指謝翔鶴駕的是5654 並不正確。

    • 如果謝翔鶴的飛機是5651,這就證明RF-101有單數號碼的存在。RF-100A最後一架是5648,所以RF-101第一架可能是5649,再來是5650,5651和5652,之後我還沒有證據顯示5652之後有單數號碼存在,現有5652到5660的號碼都是偶數,而且都是A型(請見我在另一個話題的post)。如果C型有來台灣,可能是插空隙,採用單數號碼,例如5653或5657之類,但是從未見過照片。

    • I though all RF-10X recon aircraft has even number?

    • not all RF-10X recon’s had even numbers.


      if the last RF-100A was 5648, than my guess is the RF-100A Slick Chicks had serial numbers from 5645 – 5648 inclusive.

    • Administrator

      You are absolutely right:
      5645: 53-1545
      5646: 53-1546
      5647: 53-1547
      5648: 53-1554

      What I think is interesting is that although RF-101A entered ROCAF service ealier than RF-100A, RF-101A initially had three-digit serial numbers (6xx) while RF-100A were serialed in four digits (56xx). Also, I have not seen any photo of odd-numbered RF-101A when they still had three-digit serial numbers. Does anybody has photos of odd-numbered RF-101?

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