• Last Overflight of China

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    After six years of operations, Detachment H ended the U-2 overflight of Chinese territory in March 1968, as recorded in CIA’s OSA Chronology. The last overflight mission was coded C058C and flown by Andy Fan (范鴻棣):

    The track below shows that the mission covered Yunan (雲南) Province of Southern China. Since the mission lasted only 4+40 hours, the flight could not have been launched from Taiwan. It was very likely to have originated from Thailand.

    After C058C, Detachment H flew another ELINT mission in May and then the US government ordered it to stand down, as shown in the following July 1968 document:

    The stand-down order was finally lifted in October 1968. But all flights since then were not allowed to enter Chinese mainland and had to keep a minimum distance of 20 nautical miles.

    Later we shall see more and more stand-down orders came from the US for political reasons.

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