• Ambushed by SAMs (王濤被飛彈偷襲)

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    On December 1, 1969, three Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) were fired, mostly likely from this island, in an attempt to shoot down the U-2R piloted by Tom Wang. Wang took evasive actions immediately after he received the warning and escaped narrowly. Active Google Earth users may want to down load the .kmz file to navigate around. If you don’t have Google Earth, you can navigate in the following image from Google Maps.

    王濤在1969年12月1日執行U-2偵察任務時,被三枚可能是從上面這座島嶼發射的地對空飛彈偷襲,幸好王濤採取迴避動作,逃過一劫。關於王濤此次任務與當時拍攝到這座島嶼的照片(含地對空飛彈設施的位置),請見《空軍 黑貓 華航:我的飛行生涯》這本書。


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