• B-29首次轟炸台灣 Bombing Okayama Airdrome (Part 1)

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    Source:NARA via Fold3.com

    The above photo and the one immediately below were used in the March 1944 issue of “Impact” (which was probably an internal publication for the US military). The first photo was captioned “[s]aw-toothed roof hangar shops at Okayama, major base on Formosa, north of Takao. An aircraft assembly plant makes this a fly-away point as well as a staging area.” The caption for the photo below reads “[l]yre-shaped revetments at Okayama, Formosa holds three fighters each.”

    Source:NARA via Fold3.com

    1944年8月25日,美軍的飛機再度飛臨岡山上空偵察。美軍的情報部門利用當天拍攝的照片對岡山飛行場研究了一番,並在照片上做了註解(如下圖)。第一張照片裡的浪板屋頂棚廠就位在註明EAST HANGAR & ADMIN. AREA的黑色直線所指之處,而第二張照片的露天機堡則是在TARGET AREA NO. 2 OKAYAMA AIRDROME這些字的”2″附近。
    On August 25, 1944, American reconnaissance aircraft photographed Okayama Airdrome again. The annotated photo was shown below. The saw-tooth roofed hangars in the top photo can be seen at the end of the black line with the text “EAST HANGAR & ADMIN. AREA”, while the lyre-shaped revetments are near the “2” in “TARGET AREA NO. 2 OKAYAMA AIRDROME”.

    Source:NARA via Fold3.com

    Source:Google Earth

    The Americans were planning a major bombing campaign by the very heavy B-29 bomber.

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