• Striking Jitsugetsu! 日月潭大轟炸! Conclusion

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    Based on the codes written on the photographs taken during the bombing raid, I was able to identify the USAAF units taking part in the Jitsugetsu strike:

    These B-24 equipped units, all based at Clark Airdrome, Luzon, included: 這些配備B-24轟炸機的單位當時都以菲律賓的克拉克機場為基地,包括:

    22nd Bombardment Group 第22轟炸大隊

    • 19th Bombardment Squadron 第19轟炸中隊
    • 33th Bombardment Squadron 第33轟炸中隊
    • 408th Bombardment Squadron 第408轟炸中隊

    43rd Bombardment Group 第43轟炸大隊

    • 64th Bombardment Squadron 第64轟炸中隊
    • 65th Bombardment Squadron 第65轟炸中隊
    • 403rd Bombardment Squadron 第403轟炸中隊

    It was very likely that the 2nd Bombardment Squadron of the 22nd Bombardment Group and the 63rd Bombardment Squadron of the 43rd Bombardment Group, both also called Clark Airdrome home, did not join this mission.

    Although anti-Japan sentiment is not uncommon among the Chinese people, it is interesting that most of the Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan will not miss the opportunity to see Sun Moon Lake, which owes a great deal to the Japanese for their effort during the Japanese colonial period. If only the Chinese could learn more about this chapter of history, then we may once again enjoy a serene Sun Moon Lake.



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