• Striking Jitsugetsu! 日月潭大轟炸! Part 5

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    Source:NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」 (G03489)

    The above photo captured three important facilities of Jitsugetsu hydro-electric power project: Power Plant No. 2 (burning, lower-left corner), Gun Cabinet Dam (top), and Erping Housing Area (right). When construction of the project was still underway, Erping was used to house the construction workers. Offices were also located in this area. After the project was finished, dormitories for power plants workers and hostels were built here. It was referred to as “Little Sun Moon Lake” after the war.

    In the next two photos, it can be seen that access roads to Erping Housing Area were also bombed. However, it is not clear if Erping was the intended target or the bombs missed Power Plant No. 2.

    Source:NARA via Academia Sinica 中央研究院臺灣文史資源海外徵集與國際合作計畫「美國國家檔案館典藏臺灣舊航空照片」 (G03489)

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