• Raid of Hokuto Airdrome (轟炸北斗飛行場!)

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    This CriticalPast page has a footage showing US Navy TBF bombers bombed some airfields during WWII. Although it says that Eiko was the airstrip being bombed, I am 100% certain that the airstrip in the clip from 01:08 to 01:56 was NOT Eiko. The Americans were in fact bombing Hokuto Airdrome (now in Changhwa County)!

    You may want to compare the still image at 68 seconds (available under the Stills from this clip heading on the CriticalPast page) with the following photo, which shows the north end of the east runway of Hokuto Airdrome. (The reconnaissance photos I am using have several scratches on them. They are indicated by the yellow arrows so that you would not mistake them for roads.)

    The still at 89 seconds covers roughly the same area as the next image:

    The still at 114 seconds should look like the tilted version of the following image. If you watch the clip, you can actually see part of the west runway at 01:54.

    I still need to figure out the airstrip in the first half of the clip, though.


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