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    RF-101A 54-1503 over Shaw AFB, ca. 1957. (USAF photo courtesy of The Recce Reader, TAC Recce Reunion Assn. Inc.)

    The aircraft in the above photo, though in USAF markings then, was later transferred to Taiwan and served in ROCAF as 652 (or 5652). The following photo, taken on an unknown date, shows 652, 656, and other RF-101. 5652 was returned to the US some years later. Now its nose section lies in Hill Aerospace Museum, waiting for restoration.

    RF-101 656 was later recoded 5656. The next photo was taken in 1964, when six USAF RF-101C, flown by Butterfield, O’meara, Morris, Boyd, Dault, and McCord, respectively, visited Taoyuan. They were escorted by 5656 and another ROCAF RF-101 (maybe the one whose nose was sticking out in the left part of the photo). The photo was provided by one of the USAF pilots, Gene Morris.

    Photo via Gene Morris.

    If you look closely, you can see that the afterburner section of RF-101C is shorter than that of 5656, an RF-101A.


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    • 抄舊書, 雖然無助於解開國軍RF-101之謎, 僅供格主參考參考
      F-101A: 垂直尾翼上方無小進氣口(Artificial feel system ram air intake), 引擎室側面有排氣縫口(slit), 引擎尾管前面平直圓管較長
      F-101C: 垂直尾翼上方有小進氣口, 引擎室側面無排氣縫口, 引擎尾管前面平直圓管較短; RF-101C 在1964 後期換相機, 機首下方略突出.座艙後有一 Anti Collision light(此部份說明覺得有問題)

      F-101G: 同A型, 換相機, 拆機砲
      F-101H: 同C型, 換相機, 拆機砲

      A/C 皆有 Compress bleed air spill duct & Bleed Air spill duct 就是一大一小圓形柵縫, 應是可開關

      那些設備有何作用, 還是要請專業人士解答

      ref: F-88/F-100 – 孫正明 編著 天工出版 1980 出版
      The Illustrated History of McDonnell Douglas – Mike Badrocke Osprey出版

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