• Communist China, Now and Then

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    Here are selected U-2 imagery from 1964, when Johnny Wang (王錫爵) and Jack Chang (張立義), among others, were active U-2 pilots. I also provide current Google Earth shots of the coverted targets. Google Earth enthusiasts may want to download the kmz file. Forty-five years later, although many things have changed, China remains a Communist state.

    Terry Lee, C114C, 1964/6/26:

    Sui Chi (遂溪) airfield.

    Jack Chang, C224C, 1964/10/31:

    Wu Kung (武功) airfield and aircraft engine plant under construction.

    Johnny Wang, C244C, 1964/11/7:

    Ching Tao (青島) submarine base.

    Lu Shun Kou (旅順口) naval base.

    Lu Ta (旅大) shipyard.

    Jack Chang, C264C, 1964/11/14:

    Meng Tzu (蒙自) airfield.

    Jack Chang, C374C, 1964/12/30 (his last successful mission before he was shot down):

    Cheng Tu (成都) airframe plant and Cheng Tu airfield.

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