• David Lee’s Ground Looping Incident

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    You probably have seen the U-2 ground-loop video in my last post. Here are the photos taken after David Lee (李伯偉) ground looped U-2R 057 on November 13 (I wonder if it was a Friday), 1968, at North Base. David had returned to the US to receive training for transition from the older U-2 model to the Romeo model.

    Note the skid mark and the U-2R in the background.

    CIA has released many documents on this incident. But I am only posting the statement made by the Operations Officer riding in the mobile vehicle that day, from which you can get a rough idea what happened.

    Article 057 suffered only minor damage in this incident. It was one of the two U-2R ferried to Taoyuan in early 1969 to replace the older model. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in another landing accident, when Denny Huang (黃七賢) flew a training mission on November 24, 1970. Article 057 had accumulated 355 flights and 1211.4 flight hours before it crashed.

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