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    Last Sunday I went to see Col. Tom Wang (王濤), who served as the last commander of the 35th Squadron. I was privileged to be shown his collection of plaques. I would like to share some with you here:

    This plaque was presented to Col. Wang by the Photo Technical Squadron on Sept. 15, 1974, after the closeout of Project Tackle.

    This was a gift from the “Air Force 8491st Unit” in Sept. 1974. I have no idea which unit it is.

    This must have been a gift from the American side because it says “Hsieh Hsieh Col Tom”. Unlike other plaques, this one is entirely made of wood. BTW, is it a cat or a fox?

    It reads: “In appreciation of your outstanding service to the 35th Squadron, Chinese Air Force. Your professional skill and dedication have greatly influenced the success of this organization. Feb. 1968 – Oct. 1974.”

    This was a gift from the Weather Reconnaissance Unit, aka the 35th Squadron. Note the silhouettes of the U-2.


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    • “Air Force 8491st Unit” might be ROCAF’s intelligence unit, or the Photo Interpretation unit, ie only those two units might have the correct clearance to have access to 35th SQ.

    • 維斌兄:紀念牌上署名:八四九一部隊集用場全體同仁。

    • The one on the wood plague is cat. The 35th Squadron is nicknamed as the Blackcat Squadron.

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