• F-100 on Taiwan During 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis

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    During the 1958 Taiwan Straits crisis, the USAF also deployed F-100D/F-100F of the 72nd Tactical Fighter Squadron to Chiayi AFB on Taiwan. Although these F-100 received less attention from the press and the public than the high-profile F-104, the LIFE Magazine archive has more photos of the individual F-100 than of the Starfighters. (All images here are courtesy of Time Inc. and Google. Click on each image to access the full-size version on Google.)

    One question: These photos indicate that the F-100 unit deployed to Chiayi was the 72nd Tactical Fighter Squadron at Clark AB, PI. But the USAF documents I have (for example, see F-104 on Taiwan During 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis and several webpages say that it was the 388th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Cannon AFB. Who is correct?

    F-100D 55-3623

    F-100D 55-3605

    F-100D 55-3603

    F-100D 55-3623

    F-100F 56-3794

    F-100F 56-3605

    F-100D 55-3634

    F-100D 55-3651


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    • Might be both squadrons were there at different time, either rotating in or rotating out?

    • Bryan, you could be right. I found this PACAF document which says “the JCS
      directed the 388th TFS, with 16 F-100s, to fly to Clark Air Base”. So the 72nd TFS might have come to Taiwan first and then was relieved by the 388th, or the other way around.

    • The 72nd tfs was permanently stationed at Clark AB, philippines commanded by Col. Carlos Danacher. This was a brief deployment to Chiayi. The 72nd’s primary mission was nuc alert at Clark and another nuc alert detachment at Tainan, Taiwan. Squadron later designated the 510th tfs.

    • Had not heard that the 388th tfs was present at that time. Lt. Tom Davies and I flew General Moorman (Thirteenth AF Commander) and Colonel Dowling(405th Wing Commander) to Chiayi from Clark in two F-100f’s to join the Taiwanese dignitaries.

    • The 388th TFS from Cannon deployed F-100D to Chaiyi. Departing from George AFB stopping at Oahu and Guam with multiple air refueling. I was a 1st Lt at the time. I don’t recall how many sorties I flew out of Chaiyi, or even the date????, it’s been so long ago. The squadron CO was Maj Ray Obenshain -a real SOB! I was his squadron supply officer and he had come from the 386th where he had a huge Report of Survey for lost equipment so he was really on my case. I had no problem later transferring the account with no lost equipment or survey, much to surprise and relief of Obenshain.

      I remember one night sortie in Chaiyi I had to do a minimum fuel Chinese GCA after a go around under deteriorating weather conditions. I had tried to land VFR just as the low clouds caused me to wipe my gear through the tree top at the end of the runway. I brought back some foliage in the landing gear. Ron Dinn landed later and flamed out on the runway. The only black pilot in the squadron (name Howard Smith?) got into a porpoise on landing and ejected himself on the runway. That was before the aircraft had a zero ejection seat. It didn’t kill him but I don’t think he ever flew again. We flew armed patrol over the China Sea but had no encounters with the MIGs that I am aware of. I don’t remember hearing anything about the 72nd.

      The 388th was later re-designated as the 524th TFS but I don’t recall if that was before or after this deployment. I was stationed at Cannon for 3-1/2 years and left there in 59 for 4 years as Acft. Com. in SAC KC-97s. Subsequently to AFIT and later to Systems Command.

      In 1966-67 in South Vietnam I flew about 200 sorties in the O-1 followed by 139 sorties in the F-100. Returned to Systems Command HQ. at Andrews. Retired at Eglin AFB in 1975

      Jim Few
      Lt Col USAF (retired)
      Navarre FL

    • I was a crew chief for ron din who we called gunga I was there when he flamed out

    • When (back in late 60’s), I saw one F-100 led three F86 flew in formation stormed through the west coast in Taiwan. It was very impressive sight I could never forget. F100 is a awsome plane.

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