• Satellite Images of Lungkang Army Airfield (龍岡機場衛星照片)

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    This Google Street View photo was taken at the gate of now abandoned Lungkang (龍岡) Army Airfield. The brick building behind the trees on the left used to be a hangar when base was active.

    Lungkang was inaugurated on May 22, 1959 and served as the base for ROC Army’s L-19 light observation aircraft. The following image was taken by a CORONA satellite in 1966:

    By 1969, the runway had been extended toward the east. The extension is clearly visible in the 1969 CORONA image:

    It is said that the deactivation of Lungkang was related to the defection of an ROC Army U-6A to China in 1983. Its close proximity to Chungli (中壢) probably also played a role. Anyway, this is what it looked like in 2002:

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