• Shu Lin Kou Air Station (Updated)

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    For several years, I have been trying pinpoint the location of former Shu Lin Kou Air Station, a military installation responsible for gathering sensitive intelligence from the 1950s into 1970s. But the landscape of Linkou has changed so much in last decades that almost no leftovers of the installation can be found on Google Earth. Fortunately, with CORONA satellite imagery available, I can finally locate this secretive site by comparing the landmarks and roads that still remains nowadays.

    Shu Lin Kuo Air Station in 1966. There is an abandoned airfield built by the Japanese in the WWII era on its east side.

    Shu Lin Kuo Air Station in 1969.

    Shu Lin Kou Air Station and its neighborhood in 1969. The current Military Police School can be seen in the image, although I am not sure if it was used for the same function at that time. “The winding road up the hill” referred to by this page must be Dakeh Road.

    The extent to which Lin Kou area has changed in last forty years is obvious in this 2002 Google Earth image. Luckily, the MP School, Fushing Street, and Dakeh Road remain today, which proves to be very helpful to my work.

    The 1969 CORONA image overlaid on top of 2002 Google Earth photo.

    The kmz file for finding the site with the 1969 image overlaid on Google Earth is available here. As of this writing, Google Maps uses satellite imagery taken in 2006 for Lin Kou area. As Lin Kou is one of the fastest growing townships in Taipei County, many buildings had been erected in the mere four years between these images were taken:



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    • I wish to correct an error in my tale of seeing the shelling of the islands. I looked to the WEST not to the EAST. The rumble also came from the WEST. LARRY

    • Trying to find without success: Jeff/Jeffrey J. SMITTY Smith, LinKou 64-66 and Joe/Joseph Ramon , LinKou 59-61. Trying to find the latter, I ran across Larry Rieger from Panoma, Ca. and are in telephone contact with him weekly (above). Thanks !

    • Me again (Rick Slater), served with the 6214th Sec.Pol.Sq. at Tainan AS (PCS) and 6 month TDY at CCK, 72-74. Believe I talked to Larry Kelly a few years ago, regards a film he put up on YouTube.

    • Donald M. Beaver

      I have a Ariel photo of ShuLinkou AS

    • Kenneth R Becht

      I was at Linkou in 1967-68. Was finance guy. Played basketball,ran film projector at the base theater. Played on base basketball team.
      Ken Becht

    • was at linkou 72-73. Charlie flight radio intercept analysis. (wx man)

    • Randell Joe Self

      I was there 55/56 with AFSS 6925RSM-Gnd Radio Repair.

    • Mel Folbrecht

      I was stationed here 1968 – 1972 USAFSS -Charlie Flight.
      Spent my entire tour here. My wife worked as a civil servant with Admiral Baumbergers staff. We lived off base in the Beitou area. My son was born in the Naval hospital. Great memories.
      Where can you purchase the patch?

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