• CORONA Satellite Images of Taiwan SAM Sites (CORONA眼中的台灣防空飛彈陣地) Part 3

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    • Linkou (林口) HAWK site (+25° 6′ 15.75″, +121° 17′ 52.99″)

      It appeared that construction of this site had begun in 1966:

      By the time this 1969 image was taken, it’s ready for business:

      This HAWK site was still active as of 2006. But I am not sure about its current status.

    • Yangmei (楊梅) Nike-Hercules site (+24° 54′ 9.51″, +121° 7′ 9.83″)

      This site used to be the home of D Battery the 2nd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery, U.S. Army. When this image was 1966, control of this site had been transferred to the ROC Army.

      The Nike-Hercules missiles are visible in this 1969 image:

      The Nike-Hercules missiles were retired in mid 1990s. But four objects can be found in each of the three revetments in this 2003 image. What are they?


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    • Strike that. It looks more like the Nike Herc fixed launchers, some already removed, but some still remain…..

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