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Fokker 50 Fleet Images Fleet Information
The ROCAF took delivery of three Fokker 50 in 1992 as administrative transport. The first aircraft, serialed 5002, arrived at Taipei International Airport on March 7, 1992. It was formally received by Sungshan Air Base Command on March 26. When carrying top-ranking officers, decals indicating the number of stars worn by the highest ranked officer onboard are usually applied to the fuselage near the entry door.

Service History

5001 is currently assigned to the Presidential Flight Section. The other two Fokker 50 are operated by the Special Transport Squadron of the Sungshan AB Command.

Fleet Images

5001 5002 5003

Fleet Information

Tail No. Constr. No. Remark
5001 20229
5002 20238
5003 20242

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